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New Generation Business Approach: GAMIFICATION
How To Drive Employee Engagement With Workplace Gamification

147% better performance compared to others.

25-65% less turnover.

37% fewer absences.

According to a recent Gallup poll, those are just a few of the benefits of excellent employee engagement.  But while the benefits are clear, less than 50% of executives know how to improve it. Enter gamification.

  • Offers learning model by experience.

  • It has a much smaller cost compared to physical rewards and motivators.

  • The rewards and achievements are displayed and longer lasting.

  • It provides instant feedback.

Gamification is good at engaging and motivating employees. They learn new skills, new behaviors, and new ways of solving problems.

The system of rewards and achievements in the games activates reward pathways in the limbic system and amygdala, creating change in the brain, as we discovered in our Neuroscience for business series recently.

Gamification uses consistent positive feedback to increase motivation. It breaks down complex tasks into simple tasks that the brain can learn over time, without as much stress or fatigue. It also taps into the brain’s ancestral status and power reward system.

Focus areas where you can use gamification

  • Learning and Development

  • Customer Support

  • Improving Sales

  • Teamwork

  • Marketing 

  • Inventory Management 

  • Human Resources

  • Product Development 

  • Creativity

  • Corporate Culture

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