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Characterix Test

CharacteriX is a personality inventory that was originally created and has analytical reporting abilities that you can use in your professional business life, personal development, and education life. 
It is an analytical reporting system that demonstrates the personality traits of individuals, their potentials, and chances, how they use them in their personal and social life, their competencies, their sources of motivation, how they behave under stress. CharacteriX enneagram is based upon personality typology and was created by knowledge and experience of our experts.

CharacterIX®identifiesthepersonalitypatternas"accurateandcomplete".CharacterIX®'sanalyticalstructurereveals“accurateandcomplete” results, while results in personality inventory are limited to categorizing individuals. For example; any personality inventory can tell two different individuals that they are meticulous.


CharacterIX® is; • The cause of that behavior, • Motivation, • Potentials,• Thinking style, • Communication style, • Leadership style, • Behaviors under relax and stress


It presents development suggestion,

• Strengths, • Aspects that needed to be strengthened,• It tells your risks, • It gives you the opportunity to reveal your hidden powers.


''Recognizing own is another way to understand others ”

It is the next generation personality inventory. It is an indicator used to reach analytical results by analyzing and evaluating the differences between the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of the people, the underlying reasons for these differences and the realization of their own competencies at maximum level.


The system says that people have an innate personality type. People interact and communicate with their environment through this type of personality they have. In this process, it presents a certain dynamic personality appearance that characterizes with certain emotions, behaviors, and ways of thinking as graphs such as realized values and mask values.


Which methodology does CharacteriX use?

Enneagram, formed by the combination of “enne”, meaning nine in Greek, and “gram”, meaning “point, shape”, means “nine points” and is a very powerful, realistic, accurate and dynamic system that reveals your personality type. Personality types consist essentially of nine distinct thinking, feeling, and acting patterns that are clearly separated from one another. Each of these nine patterns is based on detection filters whose boundaries are clearly and explicitly drawn.


These are filters that determine what you are paying attention to and how you channel your energy. The root of the principles on which the enneagram is based is both found in ancient Greece or in the east.


Enneagram, coming from archaic wisdom, is a complete east-west synthesis, as well as the beginning of its detailed scientific studies is based on in the 1960s of Oscar Ichazo.


Later, the works done in the USA came up to nowadays. Enneagram is now practiced in practical court defense at the Harvard Law School and is part of a curriculum in the Stanford MBA program.


It is used for leadership training in the MBA program at USC and UCLA, the most prestigious universities in the world, and enneagram training is available in psychology, medicine, arts, business, psychology and education departments of USA universities.

Foreign sources related to Enneagram;

This model, based on thousands of years of philosophy and teachings, has started to be attracted attention in scientific environments since the 1960s and has been the subject of scientific studies and theses. Zinkle (1974), Wagner and Walker (1983), Cohen and Palmer (Palmer, 1988) and Riso and Hudson (1999) conducted psychological measurement studies to scientifically determine and measure these personality types.


This model was taught and used at the Georgetown University School of Medicine, for the awareness of academicians and students at J.F. Kennedy University, for personal development at Loyola University, for Communication Skills, Leadership and Medicine at UCLA (California University), and at Stanford University in conjunction with personality, self-awareness and leadership skills.

Our productions;

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Scientific article; 

Reliability and Factorial Analysis of our Measurement Values;


Who uses this methodology?

Enneagram is part of the training of many international companies and secret services. There is enneagram training for managing special staffs for the CIA, the FBI, and the German army. The world's most advanced companies, including many American companies like Apple, Motorola, and Google, use the enneagram model for staff selection and sales-marketing. In the fields of conflict management, enneagram has also become a highly successful method used by companies.


Enneagram is an important part of political communication practices. It is involved in electoral studies and leadership training in this field. From player selection in art and culture to character creation during scenario writing, its usage area is wide.


For example, like the Lost TV series that breaks the rating records of the world. In the areas of advertising, consumer psychology, sports management, especially technical director and coaching, the enneagram system is used. Enneagram is one of the world's most influential known methodologies that reveal the type of personality and temperament by analyzing and interpreting our behavioral patterns. It is the art of self-knowledge that gives meaning to your experiences and brings out the image that helps you to organize your life.


Nine types describe nine different temperaments and personality styles in the circle of the Enneagram. Nine different existences, nine different thought aspects, nine different expressions. These differences and their interaction with the environment transform the Enneagram system from being static to a dynamic one.


This feature makes Enneagram different and richer than other personality typologies. Thus, we will both know ourselves with all our aspects and we will make it easier to understand others.

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